Patcham Junior School

Be curious, not judgemental


Ladies Mile Road, Patcham, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 8TA

01273 087513

Our vision

An ethos of mutual respect leading to:

  • Self-respect and healthy self esteem
  • Active listening and clear communication
  • Children who respect and co-operate with each other, the staff and members of the community
  • Understanding and respect of the environment
  • Understanding and respect of differences and celebrating individuality
  • A genuine commitment to equality

Life long learners who aim for excellence:

  • Fostering a love of learning
  • Building a growth mindset
  • Developing core skills which can be used and applied in the real world
  • Having the confidence to accept mistakes as a vital part of the learning process
  • Exploring emerging talents, spiritual beliefs and creativity
  • Developing the skills to be both independent and collaborative learners
  • Preparing for the next stage in learning.

Strong leaders of learning:

  • Facilitating change through creative professional development
  • Supporting excellence and inspiring others
  • Distributing leadership throughout the staff team
  • Nurturing talent in all areas of the curriculum
  • Challenging performance to secure good progress for all.

Excellent teaching that meets the needs of all learners:

  • Inspiring learners and bringing learning to life
  • Facilitating creative learning experiences
  • Drawing on strong subject knowledge and excellent assessment of pupil’s needs to inform next steps in learning
  • Supporting and challenging all
  • Supporting different modes of learning and the changing needs of our pupils.

A bright and vibrant space that supports learning:

  • Ensuring all pupils are safe and secure
  • Adaptive to the varying needs of the curriculum
  • Reflective of the modern world, including technological advances
  • That incorporates a wide range of art and culture
  • Supporting outdoor learning opportunities.

A highly respected hub working in partnership with the community

  • Fostering excellent partnerships with parents and carers
  • Building strong links with Patcham Infant school and Patcham High School, as well as other local schools and community groups
  • Maintaining the high profile and reputation of the school
  • Developing relationships with other organisations to deepen the learning experiences of our children
  • Drawing on local expertise to support learning
  • Developing a sense of good citizenship in our diverse world.