What We Do

Patcham Junior School Association (PJSA) raises funds to help the school pay for  projects and equipment that it couldn’t otherwise afford.

Recent  events and activities include:

Halloween Disco

Eco Kids collection

The Winter Fair

Christmas Raffle

What We Spend Funds On

PJSA has paid for or contributed funds to; One World Festival day, the playground mosaics, computerised projectors (visualisers), the Millennium Trail, the willow structure, Interactive White Boards, the screen in Reception, the Climbing Wall, 16 digital cameras, playground equipment and much more!
PJSA also organises, runs and pays for the Children’s Christmas party and the Year 6 leavers’ disco.

 How We Raise Money

We hold fund-raising events such as a Comedy night, a Summer Ball, Summer Fair, Stool Ball, Quiz Nights, raffles, Ice Skating and more.

 Can You Help?

The Patcham Junior School Association committee currently meets once each half-term.We are a very friendly group and welcome new members. So if you think you could spare a couple of hours every half- term please leave a message with the school office, with your details or any requests.
If you would like to contribute but can’t make these meeting times then please still contact us, as there are many other ways you can help for example we always appreciate help running, setting up, organising or clearing up at fund-raising events, even an hour is always gratefully accepted. Other ways you can help is to find out if your company runs match-funding or similar schemes as these can be very valuable additions to our fundraising efforts. Please contact us for further suggestions.


All parents of children at Patcham Junior School are members of Patcham Junior School Association