Happy holidays

Posted on Jul 27, 2015
Happy holidays

So we reach the end of another academic year and say goodbye to our lovely year 6 children. It has been an emotional day for the children, but also for the staff team as we say goodbye to the children and two key members of staff. I would like to wish both Mrs Parker and Ms Williams the best of luck for their respective futures. I have no doubt they will stay in touch and let us know how things are going.

One of the interesting things about being a Junior School as opposed to an all through primary is that we lose a quarter (nearly 100) children from the school every year and say hello to the same number of new children in September. This means that the school is constantly changing: it is the relationships that form in the school community that gives PJS that special feel. This was really evident today during our final assembly, when we had so much to celebrate about such a special year. However the part that gives me the greatest pride isn’t anything new – but something that the school has delivered on for a long time. It really is a very special place – and using words such as caring, supportive and so on really doesn’t do it justice. I am really proud that despite the obvious pressures, which I write about week in, week out, we have held on to what is vitally important about this school.

We are all ready for a holiday – the staff and the children. Small quarrels have turned into major rows in the last couple of days [and that’s just the teachers ;-)]. As always it strikes me as very odd the way that the school terms are organised. We could improve our education system so much, simply by changing the structure of the terms to ensure that none of them are longer (or less than) 6 weeks.

We held the final Strategy Board Meeting this week with the LA. It was a good opportunity to reflect on the considerable progress made in so many areas this year. It also allowed us to begin to look forward to next year and beyond and set out our ambition to continue on our improvement journey to make the school the best is possibly can be. With the results we achieved this year, we have a good foundation to work towards a future outstanding Ofsted judgement. Whilst this will be challenging, it is nothing less than our families, local community and city deserves.