Posted on Jul 13, 2015

I started the week with the kind of gaffe that makes you feel very silly. I was so busy that somehow I managed to send my mum a text to wish her a happy birthday two days early. I had a wry response saying that at least it wasn’t two days late… (sorry mum). Anyway – I blame tiredness and a little bit of stress waiting for the release of the SATs results on Monday night. I really tried to sleep, but I ended up lying in bed at 4am wide awake, so decided that I had to get up and have a look. The DfE would help my night’s rest if they would release the data at 9.00am instead!

But – it was great news and I am so proud of the achievements of our wonderful year 6 children. This feeling of pride was further compounded when I visited them at Blacklands Farm on Friday. The chap who is in charge of the center said that in all the time he has been running the place, this group of children were one of the politest he could remember. He was amazed that children were offering to help with the washing up in the rain! They had a fantastic time and from my perspective the group seemed incredibly harmonious.

I must admit that I was feeling a little overconfident when it came to my turn to do the Zip-wire. I had heard about Mr Rodericks’ high-pitched screech as he had come down the day earlier, so he had challenged me to either go down backwards or upside down. Looking from the ground it seemed fine, but once I had climbed the ladder (and the backward leaning wooden steps and the metal staples nailed into the oak tree…) it all seemed very different. I suddenly remembered that I am actually really scared of heights! My earlier thoughts of emulating children and hanging upside down from my ankles as I descended quickly went out of the window and the very thought of going down left me with sweaty hands. So anyway – Mr Rodericks – I apologise. I am pretty sure my yell as the instructor shoved me over the edge was on a par with yours…

Blacklands was a great success again however. I would like to say a huge thank you to the staff and volunteers who accompanied the children. Like many things in school – it is the willingness of the staff to go the extra mile that enables these things to happen. Supervising nearly 90 children on an outward bound adventure, ensuring that all the children are safe, happy, fed, watered, clean (ish) and having a great time is no mean feat (never mind not sleeping for a week). Thank you to all the parents and carers who have expressed their gratitude – it goes a long way!