Turning green…

Jan 10, 2017

Happy New Year! No I am not proposing a political direction, nor feeling particularly jealous… I have however been thinking about the environment and want to share some of the initiatives we are developing this year. It is quite easy to feel negative about the year just gone – certainly 2016 will go down as […]

Badgers at Patcham Junior School!

Apr 29, 2016

We have spotted badgers on the millenium trail! Watch this film clip to see them: A big thank you to Jo Little for having the idea and setting up the cameras…  

Let it snow…

Jan 18, 2016

Great excitement in my house this morning as we all woke up to see a blanket of snow covering the roads and gardens of Patcham. My end of the road is slightly higher than the school, so we always get it slightly worse than ‘down in the valley’. Infact the few houses where I live […]

Takeover Day

Nov 21, 2015

Pupil voice is an area I have always been very interested in. When I was training to be a headteacher I did quite a lot of work on pupil voice and explored the ways in which different schools enabled pupils to engage with their own learning, the running of the school and developing projects and […]

Sunday 25th January

Sunday 25th January

Jan 25, 2015

Happy Burn’s Night! We are still waiting for our follow up section 8 OFSTED visit. It is due at any time, but we are more than ready and looking forward to demonstrating how we have addressed the concerns raised by OFSTED last year. It is slightly frustrating that the process takes so long, but it […]

Friday 13th June

Friday 13th June

Jun 13, 2014

Year 5 were so lucky with the weather and made the most of two days of glorious sunshine at Seven Sisters Country Park. They enjoyed mountain biking, den building and river walking. Not only did they explore different areas of the curriculum such as science, geography and PE but the children had the opportunity to […]

Year 4 visit to Linklater Pavilion

Year 4 visit to Linklater Pavilion

Jul 15, 2013

Linklater Another day, another trip! This time, each class in year 4 had the chance to visit the acclaimed nature reserve in Lewes. We saw a beehive close up, and videoed several of our new insect friends, before carefully taking them back to their natural habitat.

Year 5 trip to Seven Sisters

Year 5 trip to Seven Sisters

Jun 14, 2013

Year 5 had a glorious time mountain biking, river walking and den building at the Seven Sister’s Country park. Have a look at the photos below: