We believe the internet is fantastic resource for learning and great fun to explore, however it does present a very new set of risks for children. We place a very high priority on teaching children about e-safety and regularly share information with parents through a variety of means. It is almost impossible in today’s world to identify every single risk, as it changes all the time. Through the resources below and the links provided we hope to provide a useful source of information to help support parents in keeping their children safe.

thinkuknow-120x92is designed to provide information on e-safety. It has sections for children of all ages to explore and learn about e-safety. As well as a wealth of information for parents.



kidsmart-120x47is a website designed to teach children how to keep safe on the internet. It is fun and interactive, and worth a look for parents too!


Mobile devices

Increasingly we use mobile devices to access the internet: mobile phones, tablet PC’s, ipods, kindles – the list is ever increasing. This presents new risks with regard to children using devices at night and privately in bedrooms. Please have a look at these resources which provide information about the risks presented by mobile internet use:


Guide to Mobile Web Safety

Facebook and other social media

There are many social media sites which are designed for adults and teenagers, such as Facebook which are really not suited to children who are younger. We would strongly urge all parents and carers to ensure that all children at Patcham Junior School are not accessing social media sites that are designed for older children.  

Other useful links

The Pan Sussex child protection procedures: www.proceduresonline.com/pansussex/scb